* MyName - Winsome Smith
* Email - smithhudson@hotmail.com
* Tribute - Mrs Braverman was my advisor when I was a library school student at Columbia in 1977/78. I, a student from Jamaica have always remembered her, but never tried to make contact except tonight November 9, 2002 to discover that she died only two weeks ago. Wow. God bless her memory; she was kind and supportive.Tonight I had had in in mind finding a contact # and telling her that I had done well in this wonderful profession of librarianship, having made it to the second top post in my library system and that she had in her very quiet way made Columbia not so intimidating to this at heart girl from rural Jamaica.

Clearly her spirit lives.

Winsome Smith

* MyName - Ruth Silman
* Email - ruth.silman@man.ac.uk
* Tribute - Whilst studing for an M.Sc. in Information Science at City University, London, I was a visiting student at Columbia in the summer of 1981, and Miriam Braverman supervised my research project on community information with overwhelming enthusiasm and kindness. Remembered always

* MyName - Amy Spaulding
* Email - Amy.Spaulding@liu.edu
* Tribute - One Friday night I was trapped inside an elevator in Butler Library. The phone did not work and I was afraid of being trapped there all weekend. Miriam happened to come back to pick up something from her office and heard me call out. She not only used her phone to call for a repairman, but spent two hours sitting outside the door, talking, until help came. She just decided the risk of my being locked in with the library closed was too great and kept me company. That simple act of kindness has stayed with me ever since, and I give thanks for Miriam Braverman.

* MyName - Lois Winkel
* Email - hlwh@earthlink.net
* Tribute - Miriam's great laugh still sounds in my head. We worked together with Frances Henne for a few years in the 70s and kept in touch on those rare occasions that I came to NY over the
succeeding years. Miriam, as far as I was concerned, was one of those rare individuals who truly loved life.

* MyName - Lolita Bradley
* Email - lolita.bradley@furman.edu
* Tribute - I did not know Miriam in person. I just read her memoirs and saw her pictures on the Internet, but I felt we would be really good friends if we met. I came from Kiev, Ukraine, five years ago and there I worked as a librarian at the Library of Arts. The library united people of different
background: Jews, Russians, and Ukrainians. I really enjoyed all the presentations we had there. Miriam and her friends would definetly fit that environment.

Let her rest in peace.

* MyName - Steve Fesenmaier
* Email - mystery12@charter.net
* Tribute - I did not know Miriam but from what I have read on the site, and the wonderful pictures, I am sorry I did not know her - and will miss her along with her friends. I will also learn more about her. I sent in a notice to LISNEWS to tell people about the tribute site - which I found by accident.