Maurice J. (Mitch) Freedman

My pledge to you is that I will use the power of the ALA presidency to fight for:

  • free access to libraries and information for all, no matter what their economic condition, physical challenges, ethnicity, national origin, sexual preference, or age
  • fair use of databases and software (NO to UCITA! NO to excessive limitations on use in licensing agreements)
  • unfettered and unfiltered access to information in all formats I am a plaintiff in the ACLU suit to overturn CIPA; I was the only librarian plaintiff in the ACLU suit that overturned the New York State harmful to minors law.
  • increased funding for libraries and government publication programs
  • pay equity and better salaries for all library workers
  • programs and funding to ensure the recruitment, education, and retention of a diverse library work force
  • programs and funding to support early childhood initiatives and family literacy
  • school libraries in their struggle against externally imposed filters and censorship; and the promotion of collaboration between school & public libraries and librarians
  • continued recognition that libraries are physical, as well as virtual places
  • keeping the L in Library Education by requiring ALA accredited schools to teach library administration, services, and principles

As a librarian with a PhD in library and information science who has chosen to work on the front-lines, I have a proven record of fighting for the core principles of our profession.

From my teen days as a page at the Newark [N.J.] Public Library through the years at U.C. Berkeley's School of Librarianship & the Free Speech Movement, the Library of Congress, Hennepin County Library, NYPL, on the faculty of Columbia University School of Library Service, and the Westchester Library System (WLS), I have fought for free access and information equity. Today, as our libraries face laws mandating filters, the loss or privatization of government information, a growing digital divide, and the outsourcing of library service and management, we need a strong ALA more than ever.