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Mission-Learn about the goals, mission and activities of the Freedman Better Salaries and Pay Equity Task Force.

Toolkit-The Campaign for America's Librarians Internet Toolkit on 'Advocating for Better Salaries and Pay Equity' is available for download off the ALA Web site. The Toolkit is part of the 2002-2003 Freedman Presidential Initiative.

Final Report-The June 2003 Final Report of the Freedman Special Presidential Task Force on Better Salaries & Pay Equity.

Task Force Roster-A listing of Task Force member contact information, professional affiliations, memberships and committees.

Task Force Feedback Form-The Task Force can use help in gaining data and testimonials from library workers through the Freedman Better Salaries & Pay Equity Task Force Feedback Form

Feedback and Comments-From Library Workers across the country that have shared their experiences with salaries and pay equity via the Task Force feedback form.

Working Groups Sign-Up Form-The Task Force encourages assistance from all library workers. Library workers can assist the Task Force in one or more of the subgroups of the Freedman Better Salaries Task Force.

Working Groups-This page is a good reference for a complete list of titles of the Task Force Working Groups. It also lists the coordinators and individual members for each subgroup. The page also maintains links to the rosters with contact information for working group members as well as the working group committee charges.

Library of Documents-A resource for America's librarians and library workers that provides links to information on salary surveys, library workers, and information about the 501(C)6 tax status of ALA. The page also maintains links to advocacy resources as well as Task Force meeting minutes.  The page was coordinated and its resources chosen by the Freedman Better Salaries and Pay Equity Task Force as part of its "Campaign for America's Librarians."

MONEYTALKS-THE ALA Special Presidential Task Force on Better Salaries and Pay Equity invites you to subscribe to its new, open discussion list, MONEYTALKS. You can subscribe to MONEYTALKS by going to the web page at http://lists.ala-apa.org/wws/info/moneytalks and clicking on the subscribe link on the right side.

APA Salaries-Website of the APA Salaries Standing Committee and its Working Groups

Honorroll Site-A site dedicated to libraries that support professional development of their staff.

Advocacy-A listing of attendees of the Advocacy Training, which took place on June 14, 2002 at the 2002 ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta. Check this page frequently for information about upcoming local workshops in your area. The Salaries Task Force Toolkit, 'Advocating for Better Salaries and Pay Equity,' can also be downloaded from the Web page.

Pay Equity-The Web page contains links to information about upcoming Equal Pay Days (Equal Pay Day occurs yearly in April) from the National Committee on Pay Equity and Business and Professional Women USA. This site also maintains links to information on International Pay Equity resources. Feel free to share any relevant documents on Pay Equity with the Task Force through their 'Email and Contact' link or button.

Library Association-This page provides links to a Bulletin Board discussion on the issues of salary and pay equity for librarians and library workers in the UK, which was conducted by Cilip (formerly the Library Association) during the month of May in the year 2001.

Australian Library and Information Association-Reports and Updates on the New South Wales Pay Equity Test Case for Library Workers by Phil Teece, Advisor Industrial Relations and Employment in the ALIA National Office. Mr Teece is also an advisor and virtual member of the Freedman Better Salaries and Pay Equity Task Force.

Midwinter Photos-Please take a moment to view a slideshow of photographs of the Salaries Task Force members from their 2002 Midwinter meeting, which was held in the suite of Maurice J. (Mitch) Freedman.

Great Librarians- A web page that contains links to other great librarians and librarian humor sites like 'The Renegade Librarian' and 'Warrior Librarian Weekly.'

Status of Librarians Web Site-Chaired by Better Salaries Task Force member, Tom Wilding, this Task Force is closely related to the Freedman Task Force. The web site gives background materials on status issues and some imformational materials concerning the tax exempt status of the American Library Association.

ALA-HRDR-The Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment web site includes information on careers in libraries, as well as library employment resources.

Photo Album-Please view the Task Force members hard at work at the 2001 Better Salaries & Pay Equity Task Force Meeting, which was held in White Plains, NY.

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