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Equal Pay Day 2003 will be on April 15th-Equal Pay Day is a national campaign by many organizations, which focuses on issues of pay equity and fair pay.
The National Association of Commissions for Women has some information about Equal Pay Day 2003 at

The Center for Policy Alternatives Website is available at on the '2003 Progressive Agenda' and browse the sections on Equal Pay and Living Wage, which provide good talking points, background info., model policy legislation and links.
The Business and Professional Women USA organization has posted ideas for action

The National Committee on Pay Equity
The 2002 Equal Pay Day Campaign (April 16, 2002). (The page also provides links to organizations that have posted the kit.)
"Unhappy Hour" Theme for Equal Pay Day 2002, Advocated by BPW/USA
Pay Equity Sites that are Especially of Interest to Women
National Association of Commissions for Women-The Voice of Women Empowered to Achieve Equality-Web site at
Site of the National Women's Law Center. The mission of the NWLC is "to protect and advance the progress of women and girls at work, in school, and virtually every aspect of their lives."
The NWLC Site provides links to information about Equal Pay Day 2002 and
The Paycheck Fairness Act (February 2002)
Highlights of Women's Earnings in 2001; Wage Gap Persists in 2001: Women Make 75 Percent of Men's Earnings;
The Wage Gap By Education: 2001 available at
Around the World, Women Earn Less. A fact sheet put out by AFL-CIO. Internationally, more women are in the work force than ever and the numbers continue to rise, yet on average, women earn only 75% of men's pay.
'"A Price Above Rubies"? Wage Gaps Continue, Their Trends Suggesting Platitudes, Stereotypes, and the Undervalueing of Women"'
The web page provides Internet Data Sites and Information Sources that document the pervasiveness of the wage gap.

International Pay Equity Cases

Canadian Pay Equity Sites
Ontario Pay Equity Commission
Pay Equity Review-site of the Canadian Federal Government, which is currently reviewing its pay equity legislation.
CUPE BC (British Columbia, Canada) - BC's Largest Union
Report from the CUPE Task Force on Pay Equity-"Working Through the Wage Gap" A Brief Summary
Full Report from the CUPE Task Force on Pay Equity (This report is a 164 page pdf document)
CUPE BC Continues to Fight for Pay Equity
Women Still Working More-For Less
Pay Equity: We're Still Waiting


New South Wales, Australia

'Update to Pay Equity Test Case,' an April 3, 2002 update to the Pay Equity Victory won by library workers in New South Wales.

'Pay Equity Test Case Gives Library Workers Sweeping Win' (a victory for librarians and library technicians in New South Wales)
'Library Workers in NSW Equal-Pay Test Case', a report from ALIA on the first Equal-pay Test Case under the NSW Equal Remuneration Principle.
"The Test Case results from the NSW Pay Equity Inquiry in which librarians were found to be experiencing serious pay disadvantage."
'All Eyes on Library Workers as Test Case Descision Looms', A November 2001 Report by ALIA
'Pay Equity Inequity-NSW,' ALIA report. Phil Teece is the Industrial Relations and Employment Advisor for the ALIA and a Virtual Participant of the Freedman Better Salaries and Pay Equity Task Force (ALA).
'Pay Equity-ALIA in the Thick of New South Wales Wage Case,' a report from ALIA on the NSW pay equity inquiry.
'The Equal Pay Principle', A Report by ALIA