APA Salaries SC Working Groups Volunteer Form

 First Name
 Last Name
Working Group Interests
Will accept any appointment? Yes   NO
 1. Academic Yes   NO
 2. Advocacy, Legislation, Training Yes   NO
 3. Chapter Relations Yes   NO
 4. Diversity Yes   NO
 5. Pay Equity Yes   NO
 6. Programs Yes   NO
 7. Publicity & Publications Yes   NO
 8. Research & Resources Yes   NO
 9. Rural Yes   NO
 10. Schools Yes   NO
 11. Support Staff Yes   NO
 12. Toolkit Yes   NO
 13. Union Yes   NO
 14. Video & Media Relations Yes   NO
 15. Website Yes   NO
Please feel free to add a statement that includes your relevant information, interests, experience.

Contact Information for Each Working Group is as Follows:

1.) Academic, Jenna Freedman at jfreedma@barnard.edu
2.) Advocacy, Legislation & Training, Mary Berman at mberman@wlsmail.org
3.) Chapter Relations, TBD
4.) Diversity, TBD
5.) Pay Equity, Michele Leber at michele.leber@comcast.net
6.) Programs, TBD
7.) Publicity & Publications, Yvonne Farley at farley-yvonne@msha.gov
8.) Research & Resources, Joan Goddard at jam@batnet.com
9.) Rural, TBD
10.) Schools, TBD
11.) Support Staff, Carol Thomas at cthomas@nypl.org
12.) Toolkit, TBD
13.) Union, Diane Fay at dfay@usa.com
14.) Video & Media Relations, Mitch Freedman at freedman@wlsmail.org
15.) Website, Laura Sutherland at lsutherland@nypl.org