Australian Library and Information Association
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
The University of South Australia Library in Association with ALIA Presents:
The Vital Link 3 Conference
November 29 & 30th, 2002
'Update to Pay Equity Test Case,' an April 3, 2002 follow-up to the press release announcing the pay equity victory of Library Workers in New South Wales.
'Hard Slog Wins Best-Ever Wage Decision,' An ALIA report by Phil Teece on the victory of the first pay equity test case for library workers in New South Wales.
'Pay Equity Test Case Gives Library Workers Sweeping Win,' an ALIA Press Release from 28 March 2002

'Historic Pay Equity Victory for NSW Women,' A March 2002 release from the Public Service Association of New South Wales

'Library Workers in NSW Equal-Pay Test Case', a report from ALIA on the first Equal-pay Test Case under the NSW Equal Remuneration Principle.
"The Test Case results from the NSW Pay Equity Inquiry in which librarians were found to be experiencing serious pay disadvantage."
'Pay Equity Test Case Gives Library Workers Sweeping Win' (a victory for librarians and library technicians in New South Wales)
'All Eyes on Library Workers as Test Case Descision Looms', A November 2001 Report by ALIA
'Pay Equity Inequity-NSW,' ALIA report. Phil Teece is the Industrial Relations and Employment Advisor for the ALIA and a Virtual Participant of the Freedman Better Salaries and Pay Equity Task Force (ALA).
'Pay Equity-ALIA in the Thick of New South Wales Wage Case,' a report from ALIA on the NSW pay equity inquiry.
'The Equal Pay Principle', A Report by ALIA