Statement of Support for the

Black Employees of the

Library of Congress Charge of Racism


American Library Association,

Membership Meeting

Dallas, Texas

June 24, 1971


"Maurice Freedman

Personal Member of ALA

Former Library of Congress Employee


After meeting with Jos Williams of the Library of Congress and discussing his position with him the following statement in support of this resolution was written. All of the signators were Library of Congress Special Recruits (library school graduates selected for LC's intern program) and held regular positions there before leaving LC.


'It has been very difficult for us to deal with this resolution. We began our library careers at LC and had the opportunity of working with and learning from some of the finest people in the library profession. We owe the Library of Congress a great deal and will always feel indebted to LC for the excellent training we received there. We do not in any way wish to harm LC, the institution. But in this troubled time in our country, and particularly in light of a document such as the Kerner Commission Report which clearly demonstrated the pervasiveness of racism in our country even with people of the best intentions, it is impossible for us to ignore the case developed by Mr. Williams.


In view of the facts presented, we feel a personal and professional responsibility to add our affirmation to this resolution in the hope that the Library of Congress can develop a positive program for dealing with the aspirations of minority employees.'




Michael Carpenter

Robert B. Croneberger, Jr.

Mary Katherine Dewees

Maurice Freedman

John F. Knapp

Arthur Plotnik"









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