Selection of Articles and Interviews
By or About Maurice J. Freedman, MLS PhD

100th Anniversary Issue of Library Journal: Librares in America's Future

  • Processing for the People (LJ Centenary Issue)
  • Awards and Recognition

  • LITA Award, 1980: Maurice J. Freedman  (Journal of Library Automation, Volume 14/3, September 1981, pages 233-235)

  • Maurice J. (Mitch) Freedman: Women-in-Communications: Headliner Award  (Speech by Nancy Q. Keefe)
  • Book and Author Reviews

  • Janice Burns Set Standard For All (Letter to the Editor in the Opinion Section of the Gannett Suburban Newspapers, Sunday October 13, 1996)

  • More Robinson Books Available For Youth   (Letter to the Editor in the Opinion Section of the Gannett Suburban Newspapers, March 10, 1997)
  • Campaign for America's Librarians

  • US Radical Takes ALA Helm (Hyams, Elspeth. (2002). US radical takes ALA helm. Library + Information Update 1(4), 44-45) *Library + Information Update is a journal put out by Cilip (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals 'UK')

  • Campaign Interviews

  • ACRL Interview

  • New Breed Librarian Feature Interview (October 2001)

  • LIS News  

  • School Library Journal

  • Spanish In Our Libraries Interview

  • Cataloging and Technical Services

  • Automated Network Catalog Products and Services
  •   (from The Card Catalog: Current Issues, pages 115-125)

  • The Automation of Cataloging 1976
  •   (Library Trends, January 1977)

  • Automation and the Future of Technical Services  (Library Journal-June 15, 1984, pages 1197-1203)

  • Automation and The Westchester Library System (June 12, 1984)

  • Behind the Keyboard: The Ongoing Impact of Automation on the Library Staff  (Speech Given at the Annual Meeting of the Long Island Library Association, April 3, 1992)

  • Cataloging Systems: 1973 Applications Status(Library Automation 1973, pages 56-76)

  • Rationale, Evaluation and Recommendation Regarding the Automation of Circulation at the Johnson County Library (Maurice J. Freedman, Library Consultant, June 24, 1980)

  • METRO Regional Automation Plan-Remarks  (Maurice J. Freedman, Director, Westchester Library System and Trustee of the METRO Board, August 6, 1984)

  • Must We Limit the Catalog?  (Library Journal-February 15, 1984, pages 322-324)

  • An Online Circulation System for Westchester Library System  (June 20, 1985)

  • Opening a Catalog  (from D.K. Gapen & B. Juergens (Eds.), (1980). Closing the catalog: proceedings of the 1978 and 1979 Library and Information Technology Association Institutes (153-169) Oryx Press.)

  • Opening a Library Catalog  (Published in several publications with approximately the same text. Library Journal, November 1, 1979, pages 2277-2280; The Card Catalog-Current Issues, Scarecrow Press, 1981; The Best of Library Literature-1980, Scarecrow Press, 1981)

  • Rationale, Evaluation and Recommendation Regarding the Automation of Circulation at the Johnson County Library (Shawnee Mission, KS, [Consulting Report], June 24, 1980)

  • The Selection of a Classification System for the Book Collection of the County Library (A Report to the Hennepin County Library Board and to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners on January 16, 1970
  • Systems, Books and Delivery Trucks (Library Journal-September 1, 2000)

    Consulting Reports

  • American Participant Report (Turkey, Italy, Czechoslovakia-May 1984)

  • KENYA: Report of the Academic Affairs Specialist (A Consulting Report prepared for the United States Information Agency regarding research, academic and public libraries in Kenya, March 1988)

  • Technology Options for a Developing Country: With Special Reference to the District Focus, District Information Documentation Centers (DIDC)   (Presented at the Kenya Library Association Annual Seminar, February 25, 1988, Nairobi, Kenya)

  • Intellectual Freedom

  • The Free Speech Controversy (Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, vol. XIV, no. 2 (March 1965). © American Library Association. Reproduced with permission.)

  • Free Speech Movement  (New York Times Book Reviews Letters February 7, 1982)

  • Letter to LC Re: Resolution on the Censure of the Library of Congress for Racism (June 24, 1971)
    Associated documents:
    LC fair employment (American libraries, September 1971)
    Black bias charges pressed at Library of Congress (Library Journal, June 15, 1971)

  • Resolution on Opposition to Federally Mandated Internet Filtering (Adopted by ALA Council, Washington D.C. on January 17, 2001)
  • Library Administration and Management

  • Evaluation: The Administrator's Perspective

  • Fees Fight (American Libraries-August 1997, pages 49-52)

  • Jazz Compact Discs for Your Library (Library Journal-November 15, 1987, pages 40-44)

  • Library Service in Westchester County in the Year 2000 (Submitted as a draft document for discussion to the Westchester 2002 Committee, December 3, 1984)

  • The NYLA Bulletin   (September, 2001)

  • You Just Don't Understand: Confessions of a Male Manager  (Presented at the American Library Association, Committee on the Status of Women in Libraries (COSWL, program, She Doesn't Speak My Language. Gender and Communication in the Workplace, Atlanta, Georgia, July 2, 1991)

  • Library Technology

  • Connection Development: Web Lessons from Westchester (Library Journal-October 1, 1996)

  • Technology and Public Libraries-Present and Future (a speech delivered to the staff, Trustees, and Friends of the Port Washington (NY) Public Library at its Library Retreat, ©Maurice J. Freedman, August 22, 1990)

  • Technology and Teamwork (Library Journal-September 1, 2002)

  • Unlocking the Internet   (The Journal News, March 23, 2001)

  • Westlynx Past, Present and Future (June 19, 1991)